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As a retired-from-the-corporate-world "seasoned" citizen, I have time to browse through a lot of professional forums. Sometimes there will be a comment or a question to which I am comfortable responding but most of the time, it is just reading the exchanges as a way of staying in touch with current trends and issues. Periodically, there will be something from another seasoned citizen who lost hi…
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07.09.2017 · From Stephen Hawkins
If you are considering taking a cruise holiday soon for a well-earned break or touring holiday, sea cruises offer some of the best options for a relaxing holiday to some of the most amazing places on the planet. The major advantage of taking a sea cruise holiday is that you will be able to visit an array of places and destinations throughout the world at a leisurely pace, travel in luxury, not ha…
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07.09.2017 · From Stephen Hawkins
A First Person Account: My Childhood Experience With Anxiety The first time I remember feeling really scared was when I was walking with my mom and grandmother at dusk. As we passed a closed cigar shop, I noticed a huge wooden Indian in the shop window. I began crying, screaming, and gripping my mom's leg tightly. I was four at the time. As a child, I was scared of most everything: getting stuck…
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07.09.2017 · From Stephen Hawkins
Generally speaking I've had years of trouble-free service from most of my appliances, but when tragedy strikes and you find yourself hunting for pickles in the back of a dark fridge at 3am or unable to wash that good shirt for a meeting... it could save you a bunch of cash and time to fix it yourself. Most of the appliances I own are Hotpoint branded and after a bunch of research online I've decid…
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07.09.2017 · From Stephen Hawkins
Drinking coffee is a nice way to start a day. The sweet aroma easily wakes up the mind and body, preparing people for another hectic and busy 24 hours ahead of them. But if people taste the same kind of coffee every day, they can easily lose interest, making the drink less and less inviting each and every morning. With that said, here are some of the ways to experiment with coffee to put a little…
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07.09.2017 · From Stephen Hawkins
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