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I just decided to write this post because I really like this subject. It lights a spark in me... From my own perspective... In life, we are essentially moving from point A to point B. Beginning to the End. So, on that premise, life is a journey from A to
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So, what is success? Success is giving yourself the power to decide something ahead of time. Sound good quotes take that power from you. For example, I have just launched a program or process titled: The Better Life Experience" If you visited the URL b
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Over the course of my many years’ experience learning to play drums, I've run across quite a few useful tips that I think can benefit anyone just starting to play. Implementing these strategies into your drum playing early can save you from encountering p
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As with any other musical instrument, mastering the drums and becoming an expert player takes ambition, time, dedication, and a whole lot of practice. In order to achieve an advanced level of playing, you'll need to work hard at refining the craft of drumm
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Are you interested in learning how to play the drums and become drummer? Then fortunately for you I have create this one-two-three on how to get to where you want to be as a drummer. Step One: Find a Teacher or Guide Although you can teach yourself how t
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Hi, I'm Stephen Hawkins... Let me first start by telling you a little bit about myself and how I came to be writing this blog in the first place. Actually, it all started very badly about 10 years ago - I was forced to change directions after a really ba
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PART I The Importance of Music Theory. I have a motto/phrase I like to live by in just about everything that I do as I believe it underlies every serious pursuit in life. That motto is "from the beginning to the end and back". As a guitarist I am most de
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Just to note: When I'm taking a short break from my tasks I can begin to get a little overwhelmed at the size of my list and what needs to be done in order to get where I want to be. Some... and its mentioned a lot in the IM create a product area, say that
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Over the past few months I have noticed an increasing number of people giving out advice through the use of "one line quotes" and an array of cleverly crafted memes of varying types and quality. The words within those sound good quotes and stamped on those
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What Is Creativity? As described in the recent blog post I wrote about the various modes of thinking... Creative Thinking - is the process of analysis or examination that usually gives rise to a new and innovative idea. And so by analyzing a thing or coll
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